100% SILICONE MASK with 360 Days Filter

What's in for You?

We offer the largest variety of Merchandise Products Made In India. We understand the need of customers with the latest trendz and develop our range of products accordingly to generate high ROI for your business needs. You can choose from a wide range of our products to customize and start developing a new product or Idea you have with our expertise of manufacturing.

Develop Your Product

You can develop your own product with us as we have expertise in manufacturing product for your private label as your OEM partner which saves your time / effort / finance while doing the R&D / development / processes.

Your Sourcing partner

When it comes to sourcing a product for your business / gifting needs we act as your sourcing partner by understanding your customized requirement and source the product along with the initial investment.

Your Sales Partner

Many merchandise developer shall be able to develop the products for your needs but we do not end our expertise here, we shall also help you sell your merchandise through our corporate business partner as institutional sales.

Our Offerings

Our menu consists of not only the large variety of Silicone Products but also a large variety of Products made from other materials with the toppings of silicone through different mediums. For More details on our menu feel free to connect with us on

Our Alliances

ZONTOM Stores shall be the first of its kind stores to get an alliances with all the niche brands available at zontom store.


Delighted with the alliance, Mr. Veeraj Shenoy – Head Retail & Food, Division, Imagica, on his part, says, “We’ve been waiting for the right time and partner to properly grow and showcase the Imagica merchandise in Gujarat. This partnership with ZONTOM marks a first step in a series of strategic efforts and will be key factor in penetrating this market that is filled with mega potential. Our constant endeavour is to reach our target segment outside the park and this will provide the perfect opportunity and increased visibility in addition to attracting newer customers.”

Mr. Veeraj Shenoy - VP - Food & Retail, IMAGICA