About us

About us

We at ABCD Multiventures (An ABCD GROUP COMPANY) are into manufacturing of rubber and plastic products. We also take care of developing new products for corporate and enjoy being their OEM supplier.

We have developed a large variety of products in silicone rubber in categories like sports, utility, ftness, hygiene, kitchen tools and many more.
We also represent various brands being their corporate distributor and also act as sourcing partner for various MNC’s while they want to develop any kind of promotional product or merchandise.

We Celebrate for

  • Developing largest variety of Silicone rubber products since 2012.
  • Proud to promote Make In India products.
  • Proud to be the OEM manufacturer of MNC’S in India, Germany, Canada.
  • ISO 13485 – 2015 compliance

Our Philosophy

To be an unending one stop resource for manufacturing needs of clients, whereby we remain an integral part of the core development strategy for our customers, from developing a product to making it successful with regular supplies in the marketplace and to sustaining their production pipeline through its journey.

Why us ?

  • Superior quality basic materials
  • State-of-the-art modernized labs
  • Timely delivery schedules
  • Experienced and qualified technocrats
  • Talented and creative research professionals and associates
  • Satisfied client base

Our Brands

ZONTOM is a brand initiated by the company in 2014 by showcasing a variety of Silicone Rubber Products manufactured in-house. Promoting Made In India we are proud to manufacture Silicone products in India and sell across the nation along with Exports. ZONTOM has a large variety of Silicone products ranging from categories like Sports / Utility / Kitchen Tools / Health / Games / Etc.

LyveFresh is a brand initiated by ABCD MULTIVENTURES which will be developing a large variety of Personal Care products for all age group of people. It will be marketed across India and also will be exported by the company. To start with we will be launching few products in personal care related to Female Hygiene followed by some unisex personal care products. You can subscribe to our news letter for updates.

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From the Founder’s Desk

JIGAR K. PAREKH – CoFounder & CEO with Nikita Gala – CoFounder & CFO

The duo have a combined experience of more than 40 years in various fields starting from design & development to Sales and Marketing along with IT & operations. Since 2010 they started with their first venture i.e. KRANATH KREATIONS which a specialized garment manufacturing company focusing on designer uniforms for schools/ retail / corporate / and many more industries. Manufacturing of Silicone rubber products was started in the year 2012 in the name of ABCD Multiproducts corporation pioneering in manufacturing some niche products for the first time in India. They developed more than 115 products by 2017 and also became the first choice of MNC by becoming their OEM supplier. Growing their wings they planned to launch their first brand called ZONTOM – India’s First Silicone Store in 2017 and marketed the products across B2B segments in India.

After defining their success story till date, now they finally have started with a new venture ABCD MULTIVENTURES which will focus on manufacturing of personal care an hygiene products only and also act as a marketing arm of their other manufacturing businesses and are also ready to launch their first Retail brand called as “LyveFresh” which will showcase personal care & hygiene products across India and beyond.

We like all of our ventures combined to be called as “ABCD GROUP”

ABCD = Alliance + Barter + Communication + Distribution