About the Contest in Brief

This is a contest for enthusiastic females who would like to achieve some extra goals in life other than their existing profession. This contest is purely a private contest organized by LyveFresh for choosing the best face of the brand for the purpose of advertising. Participation in this contest is at your own willingness and not a compulsion. Kindly read the terms & conditions before participation.

Tips for sending your entry video.

  1. You should have excellent
    command in your language while speaking.
  2. You should be bold & confident while talking.
  3. Your voice should be clear and loud in entry video.
  4. Your video resolution should not be blurry.
  5. Your video background should be clean and fresh.
  6. You need to be presentable in the video.

Categories you can send your entry

  1. House wife
  2. Teenager
  3. Pregnant Women
  4. Senior Citizen

How to send your entry.

Create a selfie video on your phone and say “Your name & profession first. Then say “ I like LyveFresh because ………………………………………………………………..” (you can read about LyveFresh brand on the LyveFresh page on this website)

Note: Your video should not exceed 20 Secs.

First 20 Entries every month received between 1st to 20th of respective month will be getting FREE gift and chance to participate in the round 2 of the contest.


First 20 Entries every month will be eligible to get 1 Pc FREE of ZONTOM FREEDOM (Female Standing Urination Device)

Kindly check the terms and conditions before you submit your entry.

How do you WIN gift worth INR 50000/- ?

Once you submit your entry, we shall select 1 best videos in each category. You will be informed about your selection for round 2. Then you will have to create a short video on your mobile and describe about the product you have received from us as a free gift (i.e. Female Standing Urination Device) and submit the video to us (Submission details will be shared with you).

We will upload these 4 selected videos on our you tube channel and then you have to get maximum likes on your video by sharing the video link to your friends and relatives within the period of 1 month.

Video with the highest likes will be the winner of the Contest of that respective month.

Terms & Conditions for the contest.

  • All the entries submitted for the contest will be a the willingness of the participant and no entry shall be considered as a force full entry.
  • All the video’s received as first entry for the contest will not be published any where by the brand and will be deleted once the selection of participants is done on the first round of entry.
  • No participant is eligible for any kind of monetary payment / gifts from the company / brand on submission of the first video for the entry to the contest.
  • No participant is eligible for any kind of monetary payment / gifts from the company / brand on submission of the second round video.
  • No video of any participant will be published anywhere by the company / brand without prior permission of the participant.
  • Every participant is eligible for 1 Free ZONTOM Freedom (Standing Urination Device) + 1 Free LyveFresh Menstrual Cup on submission of the first video for the entry to the contest.
  • All the winners will be announced on every 30th of the month and will be awarded the gift voucher worth INR 50000/- for real diamond jeweler of the brand PAVITRAM. This voucher will be redeemable at Pavitram brand outlet located in Mumbai.
  • There is no compulsion in announcement of the winner by the company / brand during the contest. If the videos received during the entry of contest and no such video is shortlisted for round 2 then there will not be any round 2 in that respective month.
  • Company / brand have complete refusal right to accept the entry video in the round 1 and also during the round 2.
  • No cash payment will be made in exchange of the gift voucher by the company / brand or by the issuing brand of the gift voucher.
  • All the gift voucher issued by respective brands shall have complete right of refusal of redemption on case to case basis.
  • Gift voucher will be issued to you within 7 working days after the announcement of the winners.
  • Any kind of issues between the participant and the company / brand will be resolved by an arbitrator in the jurisdiction of Mumbai city only.
  • Company / brand have the complete right to call off this contest with any prior written notice.
  • This contest is limited to India and any entries from out of India shall not be considerd.

For any further details / queries you can reach us at zontom@abcdgroup.in