Face of Brand Contest

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About the Contest in Brief

This is a contest for enthusiastic females who would like to achieve some extra goals in life other than their existing profession. This contest is purely a private contest organized by LyveFresh for choosing the best face of the brand for the purpose of advertising. Participation in this contest is at your own willingness and not a compulsion. Kindly read the terms & conditions before participation.

Tips for sending your entry

  1. You should send 2 photos minimum with 2 different angles i.e. Front and Side angle.
  2. Maximum you can send upto 6 photos
  3. You should not send photos which are more than 3 months old.
  4. Photos clicked in clear light / outdoor will be preferred.
  5. Any of your 1 photo should have your face clear.
  6. Any photos which are not clear will not be considered.

How to send your entry.

Round 1.

For entering the contest you need to send your 2 photos (i.e. front and side profile photos) by clicking on the below whatsapp link.


First 10 Entries every month will be eligible to get FREE of ZONTOM FREEDOM (Female Standing Urination Device) Or LyveFresh Menstrual Cup

Kindly check the terms and conditions before you submit your entry.

Win a FREE PROFESSIONAL Photo Shoot & also become face of LyveFresh across all media.

Once you submit your entry, we shall share the details with you for the Round 2.

Round No. 2

Every participant gets a chance to enter the round 2 and you will have to create your video of 60 Seconds as per the brief provided to you from our representative. Once you create your video and submit for the round 2, it will be uploaded on our channel for getting likes / views. The video which gets the highest likes in first 30 days from the date of upload will be the winner of the contest. You will be able to generate likes of your video to become the winner.

Terms & Conditions for the contest.

  • All the entries submitted for the contest will be a the willingness of the participant and no entry shall be considered as a force full entry.
  • All the photos received during the round 1 can be used for the purpose of advertising of our brand or products and the participant will be informed about the same. No monetary benefit will be given to any participant by the brand for using these photos.
  • No participant is eligible for any kind of monetary payment / gifts from the company / brand on submission of the first photo for the entry to the contest.
  • No participant is eligible for any kind of monetary payment / gifts from the company / brand on submission of the video in the round 2.
  • No video of any participant will be published anywhere by the company / brand without prior permission of the participant. Every participant will have to fill up the form for the entry to round 2 along with submitting the video. Once the participant submits the form, we will upload their videos on our YouTube channel for the purpose of advertising. Participants have no right to claim any benefits from the company for using their video on any media.
  • Every participant is eligible for 1 Free ZONTOM Freedom (Standing Urination Device) OR 1 Free LyveFresh Menstrual Cup on submission of the first Photo / Video for the entry to the contest. These Free gifts will be as per the availability and shall not be a compulsion.
  • From all the videos uploaded on our channel the first video to receive highest likes within 30 days from the date of upload will be the winner each month. These videos will be uploaded on our channel twice in month i.e. on every 1st of the month and every 15th of the month. Every video we receive between 16th to 30th of the month will be uploaded on 1st date of next respective month and every video we receive between 1st to 1st to 15th will be uploaded on 15th of that month.
  • There is no compulsion in announcement of the winner by the company / brand during the contest. If the videos received during the entry of contest and no such photo / video is shortlisted for round 2 then there will not be any round 2 in that respective month.
  • Company / brand have complete refusal right to accept the entry video in the round 1 and also during the round 2.
  • No cash payment will be made in exchange of the gift voucher by the company / brand or by the issuing brand of the gift voucher.
  • Winner will be called for a professional photo shoot by Mr. Vinay Somaiya and the photo shoot will be done with the products of our brand and also without the products. These photos will be given to participant in the form of their personal portfolio and will also be used by our brand in our advertising campaign.
  • No monetary benefit or any other benefit will be given to participant for using thee photos across our advertising campaigns among all media channels.
  • Any kind of issues between the participant and the company / brand will be resolved by an arbitrator in the jurisdiction of Mumbai city only.
  • In case, if the participant is from outside Mumbai then participant will have to come to Mumbai city for this professional photo shoot and no expenses will be paid by the company for travelling/ stay in Mumbai.
  • Professional photo shoot will be for the period of 1 day at a desired location of our company as per availability. This location can be indoor / outdoor location where participant have to reach on her own at the time given by the company.
  • Company / brand have the complete right to call off this contest with any prior written notice.
  • This contest is limited to India and any entries from out of India shall not be considered.

For any further details / queries you can reach us at zontom@abcdgroup.in