Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

because …“Periods does not stop during pandemic”

Hygiene-related practices of women during menstruation are of considerable importance, as it may increase vulnerability to Reproductive Tract Infections (RTI’s). Poor menstrual hygiene is one of the major reasons for the high prevalence of RTIs in the country and contributes significantly to female morbidity.

About the Menstrual Cup

LyveFresh Silicone Menstrual Cup is made from medical grade silicone. This product comes in a sealed poly bag packed to save the product from mishandling and also from germs and virus until it reaches the end user. Every product comes with a small cotton storage bag which can store the product safely while usage.

It is a reusable feminine hygiene product. It is a small cup in a funnel shape that you insert in your vagina to catch and collect the period fluid. These cup can hold more blood than other methods, leading many women to use them as an eco-friendly alternative to unhygienic tampons or pads.

What can you do wearing menstrual cup ?

Choose your size of the Cup.

Large Cup

  • 35 Years of age & above
  • Having heavier than usual flow
  • Have had delivered a baby

Medium Cup

  • 15 to 35 years of age
  • Having regular flow
  • Have not delivered a baby

Small Cup

  • First time users
  • Teenagers

Know your LyveFresh Menstrual Cup


Large Cup: 45mm
Medium Cup: 40mm

Step Height

Large Cup: 17mm
Medium Cup:17mm

Body Height

Large Cup:33mm
Medium Cup: 28mm

Stem Height

Large Cup: 20mm
Medium Cup:15mm

Design & Finish importance

Glossy finish step with glossy rim give you the best grip while wearing and also gives better holding while wearing for long hours or throughout the night. It also holds the cup firmly to prevent the leakage.

Matt finish body of the cup allows you to be comfortable through out the duration while you are wearing. It gives you a smooth feel and does not stick anywhere in the lower portion of your vagina.

Matt finish stem with triple grip allows you to hold it perfectly while removing the cup from vagina. This long stem also helps you to easily remove the cup even if the cup goes more deep inside.

Pads VS Cups

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