Who can become ZONTOM FREIND ? There is no age / profession restriction for becoming ZONTOM FRIEND.

What do you need to become ZONTOM FREIND ? You need ample of friends or a good network of people to become ZONTOM FRIEND.

How much you need to invest for becoming ZONTOM FREIND ? You can invest for being ZONTOM FRIEND in different levels of your willingness for earning which starts at just INR 1000/- per year.

What you need for doing business being ZONTOM FREIND ? You just need one mobile with your whatsapp + facebook + instagram with loads of friends.

Are you a business / brand / trader / working from home etc. ?
You can become a ZONTOM FRIEND by creating your company code and start giving your customer “CASH BACK” offers while you do your business. In this your customers get extra cash back and you also earn extra margin from ZONTOM.

Are you a professional / student / house wife / etc. ?
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How does it works ?


  • Get FREE Real Diamond Jewelery on becoming a Friend*
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  • No more physical sales
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  • No more making members
  • No investment in stock
  • Empowering “Women in Action”
  • Free Holidays for the Family.